Replacement Weatherstrip Set-FOR WOOD JAMB 19000
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Our premium weatherstrip is an exact OEM replacement for the weatherstrip that probably was originally installed in your Pease Door jamb.*  Our three piece sets include brown magnetic pieces for the head jamb and lock jamb, and brown compression weatherstrip for the hinge jamb - everything you need to completely replace your old weatherstrip.  And if you originally had just compression weatherstrip, the magnetic will be an improvement! *Please make sure that you have a WOOD JAMB and either a metal or fiberglass door. Also, if you have a double door, simply order 2 sets of Weatherstripping.

  • Item #: 19000

Replacement Weatherstrip Set-FOR WOOD JAMB 19000

Price: $19.00
8 or more: $14.00 each
25 or more: $12.00 each
50 or more: $10.00 each
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